Tailored Enamelled steel street furniture

SPECIFIC Reference : 100033
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Our skills allow us to manufacture aluminium as you wish.

The enamelled steel is the result of the fusion of a glazed layer on a metal support. It is a combination of metal and glass. The enamelling process consists of two phases: the first providing corrosion protection (820°C) and the second giving it its unalterable colors (780°C).  

The enamelled steel is a high quality product :
Resistance to external agents.
Mechanical resistance of the scratching abrasion (surface).
Anti-tag : all posters pasted, traces of paints, inks are easily cleaned regardless of the solvent.  

Salty fog resistance : 1000 hours (no blistering, no surface corrosion)  
Ex.: electrogalvanized sheet about 240 hours ; galvanized sheet approximately 360 hours...

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Our people and our know-how