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Our Balcony Planters & Suspensions - Hanging planters

Our Balcony Planters & Suspensions - Hanging planters

The outdoor floral suspension, for a successful urban decoration

The aerial flowering has many advantages, aesthetic of course, by dressing the air with colorful flowers and greenery, but also practical. Suspensions also have the virtue of being able to hang everywhere: low wall, cornice, balcony but also street lights or any other piece of urban green furniture; their suitable mounting baskets allow them to hang anywhere! Companies as local authorities will be able to flourish their outdoor spaces as they want for and brighten up gray areas, including in winter season thanks to annual plants. What to create a new green space or enrich an existing space, embellishing for example a wall already covered with ivy with colored flowers hanging here and there.


First of all there is the classic: Jiflor suspension. Jiflor plastic suspension is equipped with a removable drainage grid and a water reserve with integrated overflow system and drain plug. This semi-spherical shape model is available in two sizes: diameter 600 mm or 800 mm. Options are also provided to accompany this product: a planting liner with drainage grid and many mounting brackets suitable for all sizes of round mast, octagonal mast, square mast, concrete pole or wall bracket.

We will also find Sifu suspension, also equipped with a removable drainage grid and a water reserve with overflow and drain plug. However, this is no longer a semi-spherical shape but rather spherical, which will be suspended thanks to galvanized steel chains and a carabiner for fixing. This model will be available in several dimensions of course, but also in double bowl format, one above the other, to superimpose the effects of vegetation and give a sense of luxuriance to your spaces!

To ensure a long service life, all these models of hanged balcony planter are made of recyclable polypropylene with anti-UV treatment. And to better blend into a mineral decor, different models are offered in black or green.


For over 30 years, Atech has been working to develop innovative decorative solutions around plants to encourage the flowering of urban furniture, a source of undeniable well-being for collective spaces. It is in this sense that suspensions have been developed in such a way as to be more and more adapted to all the technical constraints they imply. Today, the suspensions adapt to all forms of flower boxes, whether they are round, square, rectangular or hexagonal, and benefit from integrated water reserves to reduce the need for watering and facilitate the work maintenance agents. Beyond the solutions of suspensions presented here, also find our models of balcony planter box and suspensions to diversify decorations in the heart of your urban equipment.

Our people and our know-how
Our people and our know-how