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Our Balcony Planters & Suspensions - Balcony planters

Our Balcony Planters & Suspensions - Balcony planters

Atech offers you a wide range of quality French window boxes. For all your landscaping and flowering projects in urban areas, you benefit from customized planters that are suitable for planting all types of plants and flowers (flowering plants, aromatic plants, flowering shrubs, etc.).

In addition to contributing to the beautification of green spaces of your city (parks and gardens) balcony planter box can also be incorporated in any other public place or private site, to bring a real space of nature and gaiety (lamppost, balcony, city hall, school, etc.) Both light and UV-resistant, our balcony planter’s collections are specially designed to withstand bad weather. Removable culture, water reserve, drainage grid, optional fixing support, you benefit from customized solutions to facilitate the maintenance and handling of your hanging basket.

To allow you a personalized layout, we offer you 100% customizable balcony planters:

Shape: rectangular, square, round, cone, tube, etc.

Color: up to 18 different colors.

Dimension: length, height, weight, substrate volume, etc.

Discover now all our models of design balcony railing planter to decorate and arrange your urban and landscaped spaces. Bring a touch of originality to your floral decorations by choosing the specialist of interior and exterior design for municipalities and companies.


Dressing your town with green plants helps to improve the well-being of people in urban spaces. By bringing a natural decoration to your public spaces, balcony hanging planter will significantly improve the comfort and the quality of life of your inhabitants. In summer as in winter, balcony planter box offers a complementary aesthetic asset to the flower arrangements of your city.


For balcony planters that you want to expose to the sun: Geranium, oleander, brugmansia, dahlia, kalanchoe, petunia, aster, portulaca, nemesis or hibiscus, all plants of lights that like to evolve in balcony hanging planter benefiting from long exposure to the sun.

For hanging planters that you want to expose in the shade: hydrangea, impatiens, fuchsia, begonia and ivy are good examples of shade plants that do not need a lot of light.

Need advice to choose your hanging basket? Atech is at your disposal to assist you in all your urban and landscaping projects. In addition to our collection of balcony railing planter, discover our suspensions as well as all our urban planning solutions.


Our people and our know-how
Our people and our know-how