Our Landscape Gardening products

Perfectly suited to arrange your botanical gardens, our range of landscaping accessories is the ideal solution for landscaping urban and french formal garden. From corten steel edging to corten steel planters or trellised panel; you will find a wide choice of products to adapt according to your needs and your environments. Discover our collection of garden edging, bottomless planter and steel art treillis.

Landscape gardening: the importance of good material

To achieve a landscaping, it is necessary to choose the right equipment. Atech SAS, furniture manufacturers and flowering specialist, offers quality accessories to arrange more easily public spaces. This material is dedicated to a landscape business but also to landscape gardeners, landscape workers or landscape designers. If you have planning projects, it is always interesting to know the products and the existing urban garden furniture to realize the maintenance of landscape gardening but also the creation of landscape gardens, like french formal garden.

Garden and green space design companies or municipal employees are the first concerned by the layout of the space and therefore by the solutions available for the creation of green spaces and development of city garden. Just like a planner who ensures good urban development, a landscape architect or landscape gardener must ensure landscaping and management of outdoor space and green spaces.

Garden edging

Garden border edging help to structure a garden. These tree and shrub protection areas facilitate landscape design. Thanks to this system, it is possible to create specific spaces: flower beds, sodding, ornamental plants - ornamental flowers, perennials, rock gardens ... The materials used ensure the solidity of the support.

Bottomless planter

Bottomless plant pots can protect plants and flowers. In addition to reducing the time spent in maintenance on the same garden container, it ensures a very nice effect in a public garden, in the urban perimeter or in botanical gardens. There is a wide choice of bottomless planter in order to suit your needs depending on the size and type of materials needed.

Steel art trellised panel

Steel art trellised panel perform the same function as a stake for a shrub. The installation of garden lattice near a climbing plant will help it to grow and create a beautiful plant carpet. Once the plant is well developed, you will enjoy a beautiful plant creation in the form that suits you. From the most classic to the most original, you will find the lattice pattern you need.

Never has the maintenance of green spaces and landscaping been so easy to put in place with landscaping equipment for park maintenance.

Our people and our know-how
Our people and our know-how