Our Street Furniture

ATECH offers 100% natural landscaping solutions to give your urban and landscaped spaces with an original touch. For a community, choosing flower furniture is very beneficial: maintaining biodiversity, absorbing air pollutants and noises, creating a feeling of well-being and reducing stress, providing visual pleasure, etc.

Urban green furniture is very important to decorate, but also beautify your outdoor spaces, bringing to the inhabitants of your city all the comfort and the practicality of quality urban spaces furniture. As a community, it's important not to go wrong with your inner city street furniture. You have to rely on urban equipment that is both reliable and robust, capable of blending easily into any urban or landscape space.

ATECH is committed every day to bring you all the necessary solutions for the development of your urban projects. Removable, safe, comfortable, each street furniture in urban design is designed to meet your expectations as well as those of your inhabitants.

What kind of street furniture for communities?

ATECH, French designer and furniture manufacturers, has been supporting companies and communities for more than 30 years in their urban development projects. To meet all the needs of professionals, we now offer a wide range of tailor-made urban spaces furniture: street barriers, hanging plant basket liners, wayfinding signage, traffic bollards, decorative tree grates, columns and steel post for ensure the safety of the inhabitants and the maintenance of public spaces, but also urban garden furniture, street benches, public tables and backless bench, public chairs, standing seats or cycle racks to provide comfort and a living environment favorable to the inhabitants.

Our urban street furniture, entirely made in France, is part of a sustainable and eco-responsible approach. We only use high quality materials to design our inner city street furniture solutions: polyethylene, smooth or grooved laminated wood, corten steel, etc.

For the decoration of your public garden or any other urban amenities, you will enjoy on our site a very large choice of urban spaces furniture with customizable shapes and colors. The advantage of personalization is to provide the landscape architect the freedom to choose the urban garden furniture style that is most suited to the public space.

What solutions for landscaping?

To arrange your exteriors with flowers and trees, ATECH offers you to discover its ranges of custom landscaping accessories. Planter, flower pots and gardening pots designed for communities, balcony planters and balcony hanging planter to give height to your decorations, or landscaping to create your own spaces. Whether it is to beautify a french garden or botanical gardens, landscape gardens or urban gardens, our solutions adapt to all the development projects in your community.

Our people and our know-how
Our people and our know-how