Orangery tubs

Our Planters & Pots - Orangery tubs

Our Planters & Pots - Orangery tubs

ATECH SAS sells planters, balcony planters and pots of very good quality including Versailles planter boxes. Orangerie planters are presented as very large plant containers in wood or in steel. They allow to plant trees and shrubs in urbanized areas for example. As a privacy screen or as a decorative element in a garden or in urban development. Orangerie box blends perfectly into its environment provided you choose it. ATECH SAS offers a wide choice of Versailles planters for green plants.

Versailles planter boxes - Urban layout

Put your plants in value with our range of orangerie planters. Ideal for outdoor landscaping, our planters are designed to withstand the weather and facilitate maintenance and handling. Finally, they offer a variety of sizes, shapes and materials.

Object both aesthetic and functional, orangerie planters offers a journey into history in the heart of the 17th century, in an atmosphere of prosperity and charm. Aesthetics, practicality, volumetry ... to make a more relevant choice among a wide range of plant pots, different criteria must be taken into account. Discover now the selection of ATECH Versailles planter boxes, dedicated to the preservation and lighting of your plants.

Versailles planter boxes: an indispensable furniture

The maintenance of orangery plants requires, in order to be preserved over time, a good handling ability. Therefore it is essential to take into account the volume of the plant concerning the culture tub. In this case, a bulky plant requires sufficient space for its root mass. Orangerie box made of wood or steel panels (smooth, folded or enameled) is extremely manageable, which will facilitate the upkeep of your plants from day to day.

Versailles planters: WHAT CRITERIA?

Naturally aesthetics is a significant criterion, since it will create the atmosphere sought for your outdoor layouts. Different shades of planter are proposed in accordance with the models. There is also an option of finishing touch for column heads. But in order to ensure the best growth conditions for your orangery plants, it is essential to also take into account the shape of the plant pots and its size, so that it perfectly fits to your plantations. Square orangerie boxes, with adjustable feet and planting liners, are available in different sizes, for a volume of 14.5 to 62 liters. In laminated wood panels, for example, these garden plant containers are perfectly suited for sustainable use.

Orangerie planters can become flower boxes if you want to add color and a perfumed touch to your layout. A large flower box can replace many flower pots that require more attention and time. The capacity of the wooden or steel plant pots varies according to the width and height (70cm, 80cm, 100cm and more).

By using a geotextile to dress the inside of the plant containers you facilitate aeration of the compost; plants and flowers will feel perfectly well in these ATECH’s garden pots and containers.

Our people and our know-how
Our people and our know-how