Corten steel, the solution for lasting street furniture over time

Corten steel, the solution for lasting street furniture over time

The range of corten steel street furniture offered by Atech, specialist in street furniture, is very abundant. You will be able to find a multitude of elements for communities and for municipalities that wish to furnish urban space and outdoor space with long-lasting designer urban furniture.


Corten steel is a steel in whom several alloys such as P, Cu, Cr, Ni Mo have been added to increase its resistance to atmospheric corrosion. Corten steel is part of the self-matting steel, which are covered with a protective layer called "patina".

The latter is tinged with shades that change over time and changes in color appear according to the light and the temperature. More is the environment warm and bright, more the rusted aspect will be clear in and vice versa. It begins to form after two to three weeks and stabilizes only after 18 to 36 months.

Atech offers corten know as: "A", that is to say, it is less porous over time and therefore more qualitative. Then, according to your desires different finishes are available: unrusted or raw, sanded, activated, stabilized or varnished.

Blue corten steel in its basic state is rust free. If your wish is to obtain a uniform color over time, it will be necessary to choose sanded corten steel. Then, if you want the product already brown at the delivery, it will have to be activated (it is the step after sanded). If on the other hand, you do not want it to change once installed, it will have to be stabilized. Finally, for optimum quality or when sitting on, it is recommended to varnish it every 18 months.

Your outdoor furniture is subject to the most extreme weather conditions. Corten steel effectively protects your urban equipment and saves you money over time.


Thanks to a complete range of furniture, Atech meets all your needs about urban furniture in corten steel: corten steel edging, corten steel planters, garden bench, bottomless planter, flower boxes, post, trellis...

Trust on Atech corten steel street furniture to meet all your needs!

Our people and our know-how
Our people and our know-how