Our Urban equipment Ranges


- A-Linéa:  A-Linéa range takes care of design and aesthetics of street furniture by playing on two visual identities: design trellised panels with curved and undulating lines, and large colored conical flower boxes with the appearance of small gardening pots in giant version! Original trellised will be found in barrier, posts, public bins, bike racks and modular trellised panels for vertical plants; tapered flower boxes are incorporated in original ways in different models of benches, backless benches and public tables. A bespoke solution for greening urban areas while boosting a collective space.

- C-Natura: The exceptional C-Natura range plays on pure lines for its floral planter, benches, backless garden benches, barriers and posts, which combine metals and wood for more elegant finish within an urban landscape. For barriers, tree grates and bike racks, we will opt for trellised quartering panels including squares and rectangles of all sizes.

- Dualis: The Dualis range also combines steel with wood to offer a high-quality range with a more classic design, like its cube-shaped Versailles planter, wooden benches with steel structure or its city barriers or cycle rack with a traditional trellised quartering. A range that will suit with any type of urban environment.

- Hedera: This time we move away from the traditional with the Hedera range which, even it offers rather understated lines, offers the particularity of placing the plant in the heart of its various structures. Standing-seat, bollards, posts, signage mats, signage panels or public bins, all integrate a vertical flowering area to dress urban furniture with an unique way, putting the plant at the service of its design!

- Origami: inspired from origami forms - these paper sculptures from Japan - Origami range offers characteristic trellised pattern on planters, tree grates, barriers, street bins and trellised panels. Their very slender posts and stainless steel or steel bike racks are worth the detour! A must-have for urban design furniture.

- Pastel: As its name suggests, Pastel range offers to dress up a furniture urban public space with soft colors ... pastel! Multicolored steel strips will particularly brighten a group of flower boxes, chairs and benches or circular benches. Even arches of bike racks do not escape multicolored pastel stripes! Ideal for a colorful and active city!

- Square: Square range meets challenge an outdoor furniture design at once elegant, contemporary and very ergonomic. Three types of shapes make up this exceptional range: trellised spheres of different sizes ("Gruyere!" Style) covers the surfaces of city barriers, public bins (including anti-terrorism model), signage panels and other cycle racks; the slightly inclined metal seats of chairs and modular benches; the large spheres and half-spheres for urban flower boxes, with a beveled model of the best effect.

- Synergie: Synergie range offers models as classic as refined that will be suitable for any environment and any community budget. This range has been designed by ATECH to offer a solution that is at once design, economical and functional. You will find various versions of steel: benches, backless benches and public bins, street barrier, posts and bike racks. A reference in terms of urban equipment for low-budget communities.

Our people and our know-how
Our people and our know-how