Our Street Furniture - Standing seats

Our Street Furniture - Standing seats

Are you looking for good quality of urban furniture? You want an item of furniture that fits very well with your outdoor space? A stand-up seat is an element of urban decoration and landscaping particularly interesting. In addition to bringing a beautiful embellishment through a model of street furniture, it is an element of furniture that provides comfort and a real function in urban environment. To wait for someone, in a park or to equip bus shelters, a standing-seat is appreciated.


Public spaces or private outdoor spaces can be developed with street furniture to make them more functional and enjoyable for all people. A standing-seat makes it possible to stand in a waiting position without getting tired, going around in circles or standing for long minutes. Between the railing, the sitting bench or the public chairs and armchairs, a standing-seat fits perfectly in most urban amenities.

It allows to rest legs thanks to a position half-seated, half-standing. For a waiting position for athletes who are resting after an effort or for a senior who has trouble sitting up and getting up, it is a particularly pleasant base and adapted to stay in this position a few minutes or a few seconds.

Not only is it suitable for many needs, but above all it is very easy to integrate into urban gardens projects. Indeed, for local authorities that do not have much space, this product takes little space, especially in depth. This feature is an advantage over a public chair, armchair or public bench. You can place a standing-seat on a sidewalk, along an edging of a park or garden, but also at bus stops, trams or subway. A standing-seat takes less space on a platform and does not break the flow of users like a landscape benches or chairs.


ATECH is the specialist in urban street furniture and contemporary street furniture: public benches, picnic tables, cycle racks, steel bin, bike racks, wayfinding signage, steel bollards, planter or standing-seat. It allows you to arrange your urban amenities with style and confidence to choose urban furniture of excellent quality.

The structure of each standing seated is made of galvanized steel. This anti-corrosion and powder-coated steel reduces the risk of deterioration over time due to weather conditions. It will be possible to keep your standing-seat longer in good condition.

Trust ATECH, a specialist in contemporary street furniture, to find the perfect standing-seat to integrate into your urban agriculture.

Our people and our know-how
Our people and our know-how