Our Landscape Gardening - Edgings & garden borders

Our Landscape Gardening - Edgings & garden borders

Ideal for enhancing your landscaping, grass edging is the process of separating different spaces for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Available in different materials and colors, garden borders adapt to your expectations according to the configuration of your garden. Which model should I choose? What are the characteristics of each solution? Small panorama of the solutions of lawn edging for your garden.

Garden borders: what use?

Whatever the configuration of your garden or your landscaping, choosing lawn borders allows you to decorate simply your outdoor spaces more judiciously, while giving them a real charm.

Truly rewarding, steel border edging offers many possibilities, including: • Delimitation and promotion of each zone, clarified by this device; • Easier circulation between different spaces, especially for their daily maintenance; • Easier upkeep of each space.

It will delimit several areas for garden landscaping: lawn borders, curb for a dirt, flower beds, flowerbeds ... Garden border edging is a support that also prevents some inconvenience of landscape gardening. For example, during heavy rains, soil of a flowerbed could very well be dragged away in nearby areas such as a public garden path due to the water. Weeds also tend to grow between lawn and a gravel driveway for example. Grass edging avoids this kind of problem and limits the use of weedkiller. Not only does a garden edging meet an aesthetic need but it also facilitates the maintenance of public garden.


From plastic to natural, steel and stone, garden borders and edging give you the opportunity to make your outdoor spaces lighter. There are many types of lawn edging: plastic grass edgings, natural wood lawn borders and log decorative edging ... These decorative garden edging are inexpensive and easy to install but are not very resistant. Professionals prefer stone garden edging or a flexibel steel or corten steel border edging. The latter is very resistant to weather variations.

For its part, a metal garden lawn edging, more precisely steel and which is also called "aerobatics", is a solution not to be overlooked. Easy to install, this corten lawn edging is a discreet solution, in steel, which requires little work to be installed and offers good resistance over time. To develop your garden, Atech offers you different models of garden borders and edging adapted to your needs.

Our people and our know-how
Our people and our know-how