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Our Landscape Gardening - Bottomless plant pots

Our Landscape Gardening - Bottomless plant pots

Atech SAS, bespoke furniture manufacturers and flower, offers bottomless flower boxes for landscaping and urban design. The equipment sold is intended for garden professionals: extra-large planters, flower boxes, plant containers and lattice pattern for climbing plants...

Need to offer a setting to your plants? Do you want a planter with a durable and aesthetic decorative edging? Find here all our bottomless plant pots available in steel, colored or in corten steel, steel being a material resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Our range of bottomless plant pots in corten steel and its vintage style allow you to realize your landscaping directly in the ground. With our bottomless garden container, choose the best for your long-term urban development with quality materials. As always at Atech, find many sizes and shapes to easily find the bottomless planter that suits you.

For small spaces or large green areas, you can choose a 40cm square planter and a height of 60cm or a 50cm diameter round bottom flower box. The capacity of a bottomless planter can go up to 2600L. More resistant than a wooden planter box, a bottomless planter in corten steel or galvanized steel brings more order in the layout of your garden. This kind of rectangle or square bottomless bins allow to protect trees and shrubs.


Bottomless planter allows harmonious and natural landscaping in all outdoor spaces. To bring cheerfulness and color to your living spaces, it's great to choose bespoke urban garden furniture that you can incorporate into your embellishment projects, such as garden border edging or trellised panels to hold your hanging plants. The range of bottomless plant pots that ATECH offers you is at once design, resistant and easy to maintain. Unlike a flower pot that can be moved according to his desires in different spaces, bottomless plant pots will rather be part of a sustainable development approach. To dispose in a park, a garden, an alley, a terrace or a public place, bottomless planter will blend in with any type of urban project.


Many communities and businesses underestimate the importance of the aesthetics of their outdoor layout. To prefer a bottomless planter, it is to choose to anchor a section of nature in an urban or landscaped area. Bottomless plant pots is suitable for all types of plants: flowering plants, herbs, plants for urban gardens, shrubs, trees, etc. You can use bottomless bins to create landscape gardens, a space with flowers or to liven up an urban perimeter, for example. Our planters are available in various shapes, sizes and colors to allow you to adapt your beautification project to your landscape gardens.

Today, flowering contributes to the landscaping of private spaces and public spaces. The spirit of nature, colors and scents of trees and flowers allow every citizen to dive into a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Bottomless plant pots also effectively protect plants and flowers from the elements. Flows, shocks, plants are protected while remaining within reach to be maintained by landscape gardeners.

To choose the best landscaping solution for your decoration project, discover all our tailor-made projects to keep your plants outdoors.

Our people and our know-how
Our people and our know-how