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Our Planters & Pots - Floral Columns

Our Planters & Pots - Floral Columns

Mobile planters are part of our range Planters, Balcony planters and Pots. As specialists in flower furniture, we bring you solutions to enjoy aromatic plants, flowers or flowering shrubs. Find out our collection of columns for plants.

A mobile balcony planter is composed of a vertical assembly of several flower boxes in a form often pyramidal. Once filled with potting soil and fast-growing flower seeds, it will become an absolute plant wall.

Mobile balcony planters: a beautiful floral decoration

A column for plants is firstly a very good support to create mobile large outdoor plant pots full and flowered. The different levels of the planter allow to compose a mobile planter uniform or with colours play. Our gardening tips will help you to choose climbing plants or perennial and evergreen plants. As climbing plants, we can cite ivy, pothos, clematis, hydrangea, honeysuckle...

If you want evergreen foliage, you have to choose flowers and plants that resist temperature differences between seasons. Perennial plants are for example bergénias, epimediums, agave, photinia, élagnon ... Whether you start by planting flower bulbs or with large flowers already well developed, your mobile planter will garnish very quickly. Geranium, begonias, ornamental white flowers, bush roses, jasmine, azalea, rhododendron, bougainvillea and many other plants ... There are dozens and dozens of types of flowering plants.

Mobile balcony planters: where place these pots?

Our range of mobile plant pots allows an instant flowering, easily adjustable and convertible. They are particularly appreciated for events decorations, but also to decorate in a sustainable way a street, a place or a garden. Our mobile planter boxes offer a variety of several sizes; wall or column version. It is quite possible to create planters adapted to more difficult environments by choosing the right plants and flowers. In an exposed and dry area, it is possible to create a kind of vertical rock garden with perennial plant, succulents and other green plants resistant.

In addition to your evergreen trees and shrubs, it is possible to create true plant sculpture with a plant column. To easily flower, prune and maintain an outdoor area, you can confidently choose to create mobile plant containers.

Our people and our know-how
Our people and our know-how