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Our Planters & Pots - Floral pots

Our Planters & Pots - Floral pots

Far from being trivial, the choice of a large flower pots is according to your expectations in terms of decoration of the type of plants and flowers that you prefer. To preserve daily, it is essential to buy a plastic flower pot with water reserve. In this case, the design floral pots is available in different colors (Telemagenta, Anissed Green, Terra Cotta ...) and sizes (small plant tubs, large garden planters, design vase, amphora, conical ...). Garden pots consists of recycled plastic called: polyethylene.

How to choose an outdoor flower pot?

Materials and shapes are essential criteria for the potting of its green plants. Thus, except the aesthetic and desired style, the shape of the outdoor large planters is chosen according to the selected plants. Favour large outdoor plant pots for greedy plants or with big roots which need a large amount of potting soil, while the shallow pots go to perennials and bulbous plants.

Big, small, colorful, understated ... choose your flower pot

The height of garden plant pots is generally between 1/4 and 1/3 of the height of the plant. You have to opt for a large flowerpot for the larger plants. For repotting, it is essential to use large outdoor plant pots with a diameter that is distinctly larger than the previous one (+2 or 3cm).

Benefits of a plastic outdoor flower pots

To meet all your expectations, plastic garden planters have several advantages: • Resistance to humidity and temperature variations, including the most extreme • Convenient, easy to maintain and lightweight • Accessible to all budgets Available in different sizes, colours and shapes, find out the selection of Atech outdoor plant pots for your plants

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