Our Planters & Pots - Accessories

Our Planters & Pots - Accessories

ATECH SAS, specialist in flower furniture to your measure, offers accessories for your Planters, Balcony planters and Pots to beautify an urban space or a garden with plants and flowers. Our know-how and the success of our projects are based on our attachment to manufacture quality products. For example, we sell polyethylene garden planter rather than wooden planters that are less resistant to bad weather.

Lifting accessories for planter and pots

Accessories for planter and outdoor pots are both aesthetic and practical. Plant pots are extremely heavy once filled with potting soil and a reserve of water. Large plant containers from ATECH are equipped with lifting hooks to allow easy handling with a lifting arm. An ideal solution to load and unload or repot: the management of your plants is also simplified. You will find a selection of galvanized steel lifting hooks that match garden pots and also with the volume of the latter.

If you want to handle your plant tubs or large planter with a pallet truck, it is possible to add feet under the bins to be able to lift them with a manual or electric pallet jack. Feet are also made of galvanized steel in order to resist longer despite bad weather.

Stabilization and safety accessories

Urban green furniture makes possible to create more natural and pleasant urban landscapes. However, such a device on the public road must include some criteria for safety in particular. At ATECH SAS, we sell fixing base plates of different types and for different models of outdoor plant pots. Fixing base plates will stabilize garden plant pots on a surface such as the floor or railing. Despite the wind and rain, garden pots and containers will remain firmly attached to the support thanks to the fixing base plate.

This is a criterion to take into account for the safety of the population, but also to prevent theft and other malicious acts. It is possible to suspend and to flower any piece of urban equipment with complete serenity. It is also an anti-harmful protection: you protect flowers and plants from slugs and other insects.


Are you looking for urban spaces furniture with a neat design? There are different types of head finishes to give a real style to your urban furniture. Ball shape, decorative ball shape or ogive shape ... There is a wide choice and the opportunity to improve aesthetically your urban layout.

Our people and our know-how
Our people and our know-how