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Our Planters & Pots - Planting liners

Our Planters & Pots - Planting liners

Find planting liners adapted to your needs and your needs in the range of Planters, Balcony planters and Pots of ATECH, specialist in flower furniture. Not only effective for crop rotation, plant pot liners allow to growth plants and flowers or allows to grow them before changing floral pots. If some people use them to make a kitchen garden in different models (square kitchen gardens, vegetable gardens on feet or vegetable gardens high up, urban botanical gardens ...), it is also possible to use them in other situations.

Planting liners: great simplicity of movement

ATECH creates planting box liners that are very easy to transport and to move. Indeed, the total weight between the soil, water and the plant is very important. Handling by a human is almost impossible. Thanks to 4 lifting hooks, it is possible to lift and move planting pot liners more easily mechanically. Ideal to avoid wounds during handling. It is possible to put plant pot liners on a potting table (also called culture table) to facilitate the work.


Planting pot liners are useful in the management of your plants: aromatic plants, trees, fruit trees, shrubs ... According to seasons and the temperature, it is essential to be able to spare one species rather than another. A landscape gardener can more easily protect some plants and wait for the right season to replant them in an orangery planter for example.


There are several advantages to using soilless cultivation and therefore mobile planting box liners.

- Crops are more manageable. Environmental criteria and external "aggression" against plant are less difficult to control. Indeed, planting pot liners are very good anti harmful (insects, slugs ...).

- An economic and ecological solution. The soil needs less fertilizer and the necessary material is reduced. Water requirements are generally less important. ATECH planting box liners have a drainage grid that allows to have a water reserve and limit risk of decay.

The key is to be able to properly manage the humidity and to compose the right garden plant pots (flower bulbs adapted to the climate, the season).

Install your flower boxes with ease with our range of planting liner. They are the ideal solution to facilitate the establishment and maintenance of your flowering.

Our people and our know-how
Our people and our know-how