Our Balcony Planters & Suspensions

Reference in the field of aerial blooming, our range of window boxes & suspensions is an innovative answer to the constraints of space on the ground and against vandalism. Adaptable to all situations (wall, balcony, wall, cornice, fence ...) our planters are available in many sizes, shapes and materials. Discover our collection of balcony planter box & suspensions.

Balcony railing planter and suspensions actively participate in the flowering and beautification of public spaces. To enhance public gardens, lampposts, hanging planters and other urban spaces furniture, blooming large and small spaces can truly bring a natural and positive decoration. Companies and communities can freely bloom their space with bespoke compositions of plants and flowers. To plant green plants in suspension without having to carry out heavy work, hanging basket are an ideal solution. We can thus:

- Create a new space of flowers and plants for its urban layout and landscaping.

- Enrich an already existing space (for a wall already covered with ivy or other climbing plants for example, adding balcony hanging planter or suspensions allows to decorate the natural landscape.)


In addition to symbolizing joy and beautiful days, balcony railing planter and suspensions bring a pleasant aesthetic appearance to your exterior. Choosing seasonal flowering plants with varied colors is the ideal solution that must be favored.

Annual plants are also very popular to complete balcony hanging planter or suspension. They have the particular advantage of blooming in all seasons, even in winter! For garden decoration and other landscaping, you can enjoy beautiful flowering plants throughout the year. Hanging planters and suspensions are complementary containers that offer common benefits. They are suitable for all potted plants and provide beautiful blooms for your flower pots. Each urban and landscape layout is aesthetic and natural. Hanging basket and suspensions are decorative solutions of high quality and urban design furniture of great utility. You benefit from a wide selection of suspensions and balcony planter box that can be available in various colors, shapes and sizes to fit all your projects.


Since 1986, Atech has been working around vegetable word to develop innovative decorative solutions for local authorities and companies looking for 100% natural spaces. Our flower pots and other decorative solutions are available in various colors and shapes. Rectangular, round, square or hexagonal flowerpots, each product is different and can offer unique advantages according to your needs. For example, you can take advantage of planter with water reserve, for less monitoring and maintenance by agents of green spaces (needless to water often, rainwater may be sufficient during wet and rainy seasons). To promote the development of adapted products, we constantly evolve our solutions in cohesion with current expectations and trends.

Find out also our collections of planter and urban street furniture to embellish your exteriors.

Our people and our know-how
Our people and our know-how