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Our Balcony Planters & Suspensions - Planting liners

Our Balcony Planters & Suspensions - Planting liners

Planting liner for balcony planter and suspensions

Are you looking to develop an urban space? You want to brighten up a public garden, create a landscaped and vegetated area or simply replace the plant pot liner that have become too worn out by the weather?

Atech, specialist in street furniture, offers to local authorities and businesses many solutions to find the perfect plant box liner or flower box. Set up your flower boxes and suspensions easily with our range of culture tub. They are the ideal solution to facilitate the establishment and maintenance of your flowering. Discover our range of planter boxes liner.


Planting box liners allow landscape gardeners to make cuttings, to separate some plants or flowers or to prepare new window boxes in a workshop for example. Indeed, it is enough to prepare plant pot liner and to install it only during good season or when it is well flowered. Balcony railing planter and aerial blooming will always be well garnished, always well flowered or adapted to the season.

Atech sells planting liner that are perfectly suited for flower boxes and planters. This facilitates the installation and the change of culture bin, but especially it makes them perfectly invisible. Each model of planting liner for suspension is a ½ plant basket liner in order to combine two different planting pot liner in the same suspension. It is easier to remove a culture tub to water it, remove weeds or treat it against slugs for example.

The decoration of public garden or green spaces for companies becomes much simpler. It is easy to change planting box liners without dismantling accessories for fixing window boxes and suspensions.


Good tools make good craftsmen! Landscape gardeners, garden maintenance workers and landscapers must be able to rely on quality equipment and accessories to imagine, design, set up and manage plant facilities to bring nature and greenery.

Thanks to the Atech choice, you will be able to choose the model of planting liner adapted to the good planter or the good suspension with different sizes. Each model is available in 2 sizes or 3 sizes. To facilitate the work of the gardener or the landscaping agent, each hanging plant basket liners have removable drainage grid, water reserve with overflow and a handle. Durability is ensured by the polyethylene used, resin resistant to chemical products and shocks.

Our people and our know-how
Our people and our know-how