Urban gardens

Our Street Furniture - Urban gardeners

Our Street Furniture - Urban gardeners

In an urban environment, integration of plants requires installation of a hydroponics furniture. Designed to develop the small and large squares of our cities, our range of urban gardens comes to create micro-gardens in a mineral environment. Finally, we offer a variety of sizes, shapes and materials like most pieces of Atech street furniture.

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How to choose your street furniture?

Choosing the right street furniture for urban planning is important. For local authorities or for a private company that want to develop an outdoor space, garden furniture is very popular, it is still necessary to choose the right accessory. The public space offers a large number of possibilities to develop it. Atech offers all the necessary furniture to the outdoor space useful to a planner.

However, it must follow fairly important rules and standards in order that your exterior design is optimal. Removability, safety, comfort ... these factors must be taken into account when choosing the right urban equipment. Garden furniture in a galvanized steel structure keeps your street furniture planters for years without wearing out in bad weather conditions. Corten steel used by Atech is a steel self-matting whose surface layer protects against corrosion due to climate. Wooden planters are often less durable over time even with treated wood (treated pine). However, Atech integrates wood to its planters to bring charm without endangering the sustainability of the whole.


Urban street furniture flowers to your urban landscape by protecting your plants, trees and shrubs. In addition to public chairs and armchairs, standing seat or seating benches, a planter with seats is a space very appreciated both for its practical side but also for the vegetation that it brings.

To install urban gardening, you have to install a giant flowerpot, several flower boxes or even to install trellis panel, you have the choice: urban gardening adapts to your development projects to beautify your urban space. Embellishment is one thing, practicality is not abandoned for all that. Indeed, the mobile planter is built to be easy to handle thanks a system of adjustable feet that can lift the entire planter. It is also possible to install lifting hooks.

Our people and our know-how
Our people and our know-how