Our Street Furniture - Street bins

Our Street Furniture - Street bins

An attractive city is first and foremost a clean city. So it must ensure against a lack of cleanliness by opting for steel bins. However, the product has to match with the identity of the city, it is essential to base its choice not only on capacity criteria, but on the desired style.

Find out now the selection guide of Atech, street furniture manufacturers, among a selection of street bins.


Integrated in urban areas, public bins are intended to collect all waste outside. As such, many models of bins exist and they are designed in various materials, whether steel or plastic, for example. Atech offers you, among its range of public bins, different styles of public bins, from the polyethylene bin to the thermo-lacquered bin in aluminum, an ideal treatment to avoid damages due to climatic hazards.


Depending of the style expected, whether it is a local authority public bin or an anti-terrorism bin, the criteria may vary. First for a question of style and design (modern or classic), but also to meet the requirements of safety or space, different models of public bins are available in several colors and specific features. Fixed on a post for example, street bin offers a real charm to your public spaces, regardless the configuration required.

If you want to improve quality of recycling and waste management in your community, it is appropriate to have several bins with clear signage. A recycling bin can help the environmental service or the company in charge of waste collection. Between garbage collection and recyclable waste, several bins can promote a waste sorting initiative and overall sanitation of the city. Selective sorting of waste must be part of an environmental policy.

With a map of the city, it will be easier to determine the spaces that lack public bins. In some cities, public road lacks street bins and therefore becomes dirty because of organic waste (household garbage - peelings ...), environmentally hazardous waste (plastic bags, plastic bottles, rubble ...) or recyclable waste (cardboard paper, can, canned food...).

Trust Atech to provide you quality public bins to clean up your urban space.

Our people and our know-how
Our people and our know-how